Custom Regalia
Custom Doctor gowns, hoods and tams

Custom Academic Regalia

Designed and constructed to your specifications
-Your Design

or to your school's specifications
-Your School's Design

If you desire a Doctor gown with cuffs you may select the 
Geneva Gown or you may try our
Premier Doctor Gowns, two styles of Doctor gowns in seven beautiful fabrics, including Roosevelt, a bamboo blended fabric. 

Only quality fabrics with custom braids and trim are used to create this elegant academic faculty regalia.

Don't Forget your Hood and Tam.

Custom Regalia

Custom Regalia

Your  DesignYour DesignOur Deluxe Doctor gown constructed to your specifications.

Geneva Gown (Deluxe Doctor w/cuffs)Geneva Gown (Deluxe Doctor w/cuffs)Deluxe Doctor gown with cuffs.
Your School's  DesignYour School's DesignConstructed to the specifications of your school as to material and design.
Premier Doctor GownsPremier Doctor GownsPremiere Doctor gowns come in two styles and seven different fabrics.
Vinyl Robe ProtectorVinyl Robe ProtectorProtect your robes from dust, light and air pollutants.
Wooden Contour HangarWooden Contour Hangar

Order a custom doctor gown from your institution. If your school is not in the drop down menu on the 
Your School's Design page, e-mail us and let us know your school and campus location. If your school has custom regalia we'll get back to you with the specifics, the cost and we'll try to e-mail a picture to you.

Presidents Regalia

Presidents Regalia

Custom University President's Regalia is also available.   

Please call.

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